An option to prohibit sharing of a folder would be very beneficial

Not sure where to bring this suggestion up so I’m dropping it here.

When clicking on a folder’s share icon to get the sharing drop-down menu, adding an option “Prohibit Sharing” requiring an admin password to uncheck would be helpful. I prepare income tax returns and use Nextcloud (love it!!) as a client portal where we are able to share documents back and forth, including completed tax returns. Mistakenly sharing certain folders with individuals or groups would be catastrophic, for example my top-level 2020 Tax folder inside of which are all my individual client folders. This folder must never be shared so adding a “Prohibit Sharing” option would provide an added safety measure.

It also should never be allowed to be inadvertently dragged into another folder, but perhaps that’s for another thread.

Perhaps with workflow and/or automated tagging?

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I actually don’t know what those mean (sorry). I’m not that knowledgeable about what happens just below the surface.

You can tag files that are uploaded in a specific folder and then use the fileaccesscontrol app to restrict access: Nextcloud Flow makes it easy to automate actions and workflows – Nextcloud

Not sure if that works, could be some way to do this. The normal sharing doesn’t easily allow to have different settings for subfolders. Other options, adapt you folder structure or use other storage types that allow you to use shared folders with more specific right management and use these as external storage in Nextcloud. Linux has ACL rules, SMB, …