An indispensable functionality is missing for NAS

I have some problems with my external samba storage and my nextcloud instance.
It’s simple: When I upload a file on my nextcloud instance from my web browser for example, Nextcloud encrypts this file. But when I copy this file to my NAS ( samba protocol) Nextcloud does not decrypt this file, which makes it unusable on my NAS. An interesting feature would be to add the option in the external storage settings “decrypt files for this external storage”.
Goodbye and thanks you if you add this feature on nextcloud directly or with an app :slight_smile:

Disagree… End to End means End to End within Nextcloud.
If you’re trying to use a file directly on SMB then you’re a man in the middle.

There could be a warning message when nextcloud admin activate this feature.

I just noticed the “enable encryption” option on the external storage management/addition menu…
I disabled it and it works well…
I’m sorry I created a post that’s… useless.

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