An error occurred while deleting the file

can someone help me?

I can’t delete a file on the nextcloud server, always with the error ‘’ An error occurred while deleting the file ‘’

delete the file in the folder on the desktop but on the server do not delete

someone help me

I had a similar error on an occasion that I manually copied a file from the server to the files folder of my Nexcloud user.
When reviewing the permissions of that file they were not the same as for the rest of the files.

Try going to your data folder: /nextcloudDataFolder/NextcloudUserName/files and do:
ls -al
(Change “nextcloudDataFolder” and “NextcloudUserName” to the correct names).

Then compare the owner of the file that you cannot delete and the permissions assigned to it with those of any other file that you can delete and if they are not the same change them.

Hope this works for you :wink: