An editor for Nextcloud?

I am looking for an editor in order to edit some Nextcloud .txt files. The files are open in Nexcloud then send to the editor with “Open with”. I try several editors but none are working:

  • some can’t read Nextcloud files
  • some open the file read-only
  • some seems to save the file but the file is not modified in Nextcloud

My conf:

  • Samsung Galaxy A5
  • Android 7.0
  • Android Nextcloud 3.0.1

What editors are known to be Nexcloud compatible ?

For example you can use “Nextcloud Notes” for Android.

Here a great app overview:

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Note that many of these mobile apps for Android are in fact open source and can be also gotten for free through the Fdroid repository. However I would recommend supporting the authors by buying these apps if you end up really using them regularly.

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@pbda Please try a search instead of opening a new topic. :wink:

@guddl Nice list, thank you.
@anon99252149 I am not asking for an integrated editor but for an external editor that works with NC. But you are wright, I didn’t search enough, I have found in another topic that QuickEdit is NC compatible.