An EASY to install Nextcloud on a VM

I’m going to tell you something shocking and offensive. I’m not a Linux geek. I don’t want to tinker for hours to get something working. I don’t want to remember command line commands to update. I just want a nice Web-based GUI, and not worry about anything else. I’d like to quickly and easily install Owncloud on an ESXi VM, and have it just work. Is this possible?

Before recommending the official VM image, I’m currently running that now. It looks like it was modified so one couldn’t update through the web, like this is a feature. I tried updating manually, and it didn’t work, giving a web address explaining what to do. I do that, follow instructions step by step, and it doesn’t work. I wasted 2 hours that are very precious to me. I don’t want to waste any more. I’d like to install something, and have it just work. What does everyone recommend for this? Is this possible with Nextcloud?

I’ve heard of something called Snap, but don’t have any idea if this is what I want, or how to use it.


use one of the good docker containers out there (
I tried one before and it was up and running in no time.