Ampache Support

Hi, would it be possible to add ampache support?

No, we’re not planning to implement this feature.

See #51 and #83.

Actually it would be interesting - but to be flexible: as a second (dependent) app running on top of the AP tables.
Bundling into one app would be to complicated.

Any devs welcome ;-)))

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I understand, thanks for replying. I hope an app with ampache support comes out soon. I think it’s a game changer for many people…

Available since 2013: Music

I’m aware of this one, i use to have it on my owncloud server. Then i bought a nextcloud box and switched to nextcloud. Music app is unfortunately not integrated to nextcloud (nextcloudbox). That’s what I’m looking for…

From what I’ve been hearing I have to agree that ampache support could be a gamechanger…

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Once again: