Ampache login with the music app



I try to use the music App with an Ampache Player for Android. How it works? I add this URL to the Player https://cloud.domai.tld/index.php/apps/music/ampache/
But can’t connect. Can anyone help me?


Hello Lars_M,

You first need to generate an API password to be used with the Ampache API. Go to the personal settings in Nextcloud and scroll to ‘Music’. There you can find the ‘Generate API password’ button. Give some description for your password and press the button. The password is generated and shown on the screen as long as you don’t navigate away; after navigating away there is no way to retrieve the password. If you lose it, you can always generate a new password. Then setup your Ampache client with the URL shown on the settings page and the just generated password.

The Music App does not work with all Ampache-enabled players but I have been successfully using it with Power Ampache on Android and Tomahawk on Windows.


With Soundwaves iOS I have tried but get a
Cannot parse the XML document: (118) Premature end of data in tag html line 2


I am facing similar problems, power ampache tells me that somethong went wrongand tthwt i should try again, this happens despite of having set up a API password. However after reading an installation manual for ampache it makes me think that the problem is forced https connection set in nextcloudpi pannel, i will later try to disable that and test again.