Always show images

Nextcloud version _ 25
Operating system and version Linux 5.19.14-Unraid x86_64 Version: 6.11.1
Apache or nginx version _ NGINX v2.9.18
PHP version _ Version: 8.0.25

Is there a way to enable “Always show images from” on the mail app. When I choose it and revisit the same email, I have to choose it again.

@bb77 - I created a few copy forward rules which has solved my issue. I now have to deal with the next issue I’ve come across. Because you are so knowledgeable I would like to hear your opinion on this matter.

I am using mail v2.1.1

Maybe you ran in into this issue: isSenderTrusted incorrect · Issue #5139 · nextcloud/mail · GitHub

According to this comment, you could try to to clear the browser cache and reload the page, after you added the trusted sender.