Always conflict file

Hello I have

Nextcloud 24.0.4
Ubuntu Server 22.04
I have Ubuntu server on a VPS server and that’s where Nextcloud is running.

I have an account for several people.

In the Nextcloud I have, among other things, several .ods files.

I installed Nextcloud Desktop Client on different Windows 10 computers and linked the Nextcloud folder on the desktop and also Nextcloud Client on the Android.

I was in the nextcloud with my phone last night and opened an .ods file and this morning with windows.
Now the conflict file stands. What is causing this?

Does anyone have any idea why conflict files keep appearing?

The conflict files appear when you open a file, do some modifications and you save a file, and if in between the opening and the saving, someone else touched the file as well. Then there might be conflicting changes to that file and the automatic sync process cannot decide which version to prefer.
It can be that some software doesn’t do actual changes, and just changes the modification date, that might be already enough to consider that as a ‘change’.

If you want to track down these cases, it can help to go through the webserver access log and see which clients accessed/modified a file while you were editing it. And if it is really related to actual changes. In such a case you have options to handle this better:

I you want to work on a document together, it is more suitable to use online-office solutions where you can open a document with different online clients at the same time.

If you want to manage different versions of text and have several people working on it, git might be interesting as well. You can have branches, check merging different changes etc.

For example, what are online-office solutions and git?
Can you bring it closer to me?

In Nextcloud you have collabora ( or onlyoffice ( I don’t remember the exact limitations, there were some like the max. number of parallel users was 10 or 20, so it is free but for commercial use (= if you need more), you have to pay or compile yourself.

Git is used a lot in software development, but you can use it for other things as well (probably mainly text-based things). For ODT, it looks like you can save it as a flat XML file: how to share odt/doc documents over git - Stack Overflow
However commiting stuff, creating branches, merging etc.

I have already installed Nextcloud office and onlyoffice for some time, do I have to do anything else?
Because despite Nextcloud office and onlyoffice there was this conflict.

Well, you should then just use these apps to modifiy the files.

also on windows 10?