Alternatives to Resource-Expensive Browsers to Use NC Apps?

This may be a use-case too odd to bother with, however I have a client PC with only 1GB of RAM (P4 laptop; not an option to add more memory). I generally use lightweight web browsers with that system (e.g. Midori), however the NC web interface uses enough modern HTML that to have an experience anywhere near useful, I need to use Firefox to access my NC instance (currently at v15.x). As a result, I easily approach the memory limit, even with nothing else open, compared to when FF is closed and working in other desktop applications I often have a few hundred megabytes to spare.

Are there options (such as a compatibility app) to detect the presence of a browser with a limited feature set and simplify the rendering requirements?

Or are there plans for the desktop client itself to provide enough of it’s own rendering so NC Apps can be used without the need of an explicit browser?

Indeed just tested and Nextcloud is definitely not compatible with Midori (or the other way round).
That is actually strange since Midori uses WebKit which I have guessed would be sufficient in terms of compatibility.

What is strange as well is that the most current Windows download ships version 0.5.11 ( while version 9.0 has already been released, which most likely includes some modern engine updates:

Yeah it’s a shame that the whole web depends more and more on chromium/Google which easily consumes 2 GiB RAM. Firefox seems to be the only independent browser that is able to keep up with related HTML/web standards and consumes less RAM as well, but yeah still too much for a <= 1 GiB desktop.

What you can try is to tune memory related about:config settings, e.g.:

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