Alternative to Collabora?

Been trying out Nextcloud here, and I’ve found that being able to start and edit documents, other than text files, would be terrific.

The documentation for getting Collabora integrated into NC,, describes another fresh-hell of installation. I just finished all that stuff to get NC working on my ubuntu 16.04 server (with a self signed cert, and alternate port as my ISP blocs 443 and 80).

I’d like to request that Collabora, or some other WYSIWYG editor gets a simple plug-in status so NC users can just enable it, and make simple documents.

I thought that as actually online editing isn’t really needed, the PDF viewer is brilliant and actually a document viewer is much more important than editing.
Most of my doc requirements will be PDF as they are scanned as searchable text format.

Not sure why temp views are not made by just running libre headless and converting to PDF for view purpose.

then that great PDF viewer app would be used for all views.

Maybe it will be an app in the wings

I think I agree with you.
I am searching for a simple word processor for nextcloud.
Collabora and Onlyoffice are probably fantastic, but I cannot deploy an docker image so far, and I don’t need so advanced a solution.
A solution based on tinyMCE or ckeditor will be perfect.
I am surprised a simple word processor is not available by default on nextcloud, like I was surprised to discover a very nice vector editor (drawio).

Would it be difficult to integrate tinyMCE as drawio has been integrated ?