Allows Guests to use our Nextcloud Talk App


We’re using Nextcloud 18.03 and have installed Talk. We have a vendor with whom we would like to engage with over our Talk App for screen share and video conferencing. There are a few people at this vendor who may be helping us and we do not want to setup an account for each and do not want them to have access all the time. I would like to use a guest account for this vendor so that we may on the fly send them guest access to their email where the can login to our Nextcloud and use our Talk app with us. Is this possible within Nextcloud?

Thank you.

When you create a new conversation, you can choose to allow guests. You will just have to send them the conversation link.

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You can also share a file or folder url with the person and allow them to start chatting with you from the conversation pane on the right hand side.

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