Allow user to share files in a specific directory only

Hi i ordered Nextcloud from a provider, i dont have access to installation directory via ftp.

Is it possible to limit users only to be able to edit/upload/remove files in a specific directory? I dont want them to have a private area for their files nor to be able to create private directories. I want to use nextcloud to share files with my customers and dont want them to use it in any private way.

Thanks for your help.


Not sure if I fully understand your use case and your intentions. Right now it seems to me, that just sharing a folder to your customers is what would meet your requirements.

  • create the folder where your customers should upload files to
  • share that folder via a public link
  • allow “Upload and editing” for that public link
  • create a password for that public link

Then just share that link with your customers and provide them the password. They will be able to upload any files and folders. They will also be able to download and edit the contained data. Live editing of files will only be available for file types that have an app on the server supporting that, for example docx files when using Onlyoffice or odt files when running Collabora on the server.

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ah yeh - i was completly stuck in the idea of giving them user accounts :sweat_smile:
thanks a lot!

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