Allow user to connect via SMB

There is a way to have a SAMBA server inside my docker installed nextcloud?
I need to share some home folders with some windows users (they all have their account in the nextcloud server), so can I share their own “home folder” via SMB?

Use WebDAV or the sync client instead. Using SMB would expose system files that aren’t meant to be directly accessible to the user.

WebDAV can be mounted in much the same way as SMB.

Sorry i do not really understand your problem. But perhaps read

Sorry for my bad English, let me be more specific.
I.e. inside the Bob’s nextcloud home directory there is a file called sharedbyJhon.pdf shared to Bob by Jhon.
I need a way to let Bob open the file sharedbyJhon.pdf via SMB.
@devnull thx for the link but I think this makes the opposite think, the files I need to share via SMB are inside nextcloud, I’ve to find a way to expose is with SMB

I think you must configure SMB/Samba to access the file /var/www/html/nextcloud/data/username/sharedbyJhon.pdf . Bu there are a least two problems.

a.) perhaps it is not possible in SMB/Samba, i think you must include all
b.) if you allow write access from outside nextcloud you must re-scan the directory

Nextcloud is da data storage accessed through Web and WebDAV (Explorer, App).
Use this possibilities.

Sadly I can’t, the WebDAV doesn’t perform as SMB and is unusable for my purpose.

No problem, anyway I’ll find a different solution

Perhaps you can use a web upload/download to a smb share without database structure.