Allow upload and view (and restrict file types)

when I share a folder, I can choose file drop,read only or upload and editing. But is there any chance to make upload and read available?

I want to make possible for external persons to upload their photos and videos, they should also be able to see all photos but they should not be allowed to edit or delete them. Also I would love to have the chance to allow only specific file types.

I just verified on NC 12, you can have more specific options if you share with a specific user. The access and upload via link can probably be done in two different shares (one link to upload, one link to view the files).

Check the repository if there was a similar feature request ( if not I think it’s a nice feature if you want to provide a link that people can upload pictures of an event and see them at the same time.

Regarding the file type, check out the file access control feature.

Not sure if this was ever created as a feature, I am guessing no from what I see in Nextcloud 16.03?

I am having to use the two link option to allow someone to be able to upload files via an upload only link, and then a separate link with view only permission so they can view/confirm what uploaded after the fact. The Upload and Edit option could work but I prefer users not be able to delete files.

Some sort of “Upload and View only” share link option would be great for this. Technically I could create users for each person needing to send in files but that would not work well. It adds a lot more steps and support to users needed where a simple drag and drop file upload link and an ability to view what is uploaded works well.