Allow unencrypted notes

New notes created in iOS app are encrypted (which is basically a great thing) and appear as files like 0J7pf7HJaPTJs7XDJHUJHSXJHpmPjgzfpDXUQU7fHPprP77YKNJppvEq0hH2uDp0crypto in your file list.

While you can decrypt photos you uploaded as a decrypted file this is not possible with notes hence making it impossible to work on the notes via browser interface or on the local PC file system.

I activated the nextCloud Notes app which allows creating notes from the browser interface. These notes are stored as simple text files in a folder called Notes, however you cannot edit them in the iOS app.

It would be great to have at least one way to create simple text notes on both iOS app and browser interface and edit them on the respective other. Doesn’t seem like a very exotic process to me :yum:


I second that. It would be very nice to have a possibility to use this iOS note feature in combination with the Notes app and also with the Android nextcloud app.

In addition the crypted notes are displayed double times in the android nextcloud app 1.4.1