Allow PDF files but not TXT

Hi there.
I’m using the app File Access Control.
What I want is to allow users from a group, lets call it “Group1”, to be able to read PDF files, but not TXT files.
So, if user belongs to Group1, he will be able to view PDF’s, but if he wants to read a TXT, he will not be able.
But these rules have to apply only to Group1, so that users from other groups can view all the files they want.
I hope I was clear enough.
Hope you can help me, thank you

Did you try the mime type application/pdf as filter?

The problem I see here is, that with “File Access Control” you can only define the mime type for file upload. So it reads:
“file mime type (upload)”

This would mean, that you can’t influence which file type the user can view, as soon as the files are already stored in the folders he has access to.

Otherwise the best thing in my opinion is to set:

user group membership - is - Group1
file mime type - is - text/plain

What you can probably do to workaround this, is to auto tag txt files with let’s say “textfile” and you define then:

user group membership - is - Group1
File system tag - is tagged with - textfile

I hope this helps. Let me know how it goes.

It was not included initially. But the current version 10.0.1 got it:

File Access Control has already the ability to define File Mime Type. I tried to use it, however I don’t understand this regex stuff. So if you could help me by giving me an example of this, and what to use so that all (not viewing txt but viewing pdf if Group1) conditions work, I would really appreciate it.
Thanks for the replies

I gave that example already :wink:

Thank you. I asked again since I thought that there was some extra rule needed to define that PDF’s were allowed, but now I see that it was just enough, exactly what I expected. Thank you