Allow downloading from group users of specific domain

I just installed nextcloud latest version on, only one account to upload and get link to share on
By default, anyone can download if they have nextcloud public share links
My idea: use CMS like Wordpress, Datalife Engine, Drupal… has member group: Admin, Vip, Normal and Guest (not-logged)
I want only logged member of VIP and Admin group on can download nextcloud public-share links.
Any solution?

Everybody can download files with a public share. The share is public. :wink:
But nobody can guess a link. But e.g. e-mails with public shares are a security risk.

I think there is no connector to CMS like Wordpress, …
Also you do not use your member groups with a ldap server.

Bu you can restrict shares e.g. to:

  • users in nextcloud
  • public users who knows a password (with multiple shares you can use multiple passwords)
  • guest uses with app Guests watch video
  • create “restricted” users (e.g. for each member group), ask for details

I think i would exchange files with your groups with Htaccess directly on the webspace.
Or you can use the Tiny File Manager for more upload/download features.

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Thank you.
tinyfilemanager only hosted on local, not external servers. and direct link, not hashed. I hosted file on multi-servers, need FTP external servers
htaccess is easy to bypass, they will share my link to other sites.

Can I add code into one or more files (I guest file nextcloud/apps/files_sharing/public.php)
This code will connect to database of and check:

  • If username and password and group are matched → Allow download.
  • Else → Forbidden
    Can you hint me the files to edit as above idea?

Thank you