Allow Blacklisted Files

Allow blacklisted files (epub)

I have some ebooks that contain examples of phishing attempts and the code that hackers use. This is erroneously reported as blacklisted files. How can I exclude this in my settings/config file so that they can sync?

I don’t want to modify core Nextcloud files so that I don’t have to always re-add the fix when I update nextcloud.

I have no idea but i’m interested which books are reported as blacklisted please.

Steven Stiles - Gotchyaa

Extract from the book (warning against phishing):
Please sign in to your eBay account and update your billing information:" >

I never heard that Nextcloud blacklists files. I think only a virus scanner can detect it. Please post more details: virus scanner, logs, screenshots, …

I don’t know if virus scanner are useful in Nextcloud. It only makes sense if you also use virusscanner on mail servers. Is actually almost the same. Do you use a virusscanner on your mail server? If not delete virus scanner from your Nextcloud and improve client side scanning (Windows 10).

found out it was my bitdefender that was interfering with nextcloud desktop client. Created an exception in bitdefender and now everything works.

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Sorry i use Debian GNU/Linux Desktop. Unfortunately, i can’t enjoy the pleasures of a security suite. :wink: But fortunately no real Nextcloud problem.