ALL users can SEE each others MAIL adress - zero privacy - misleading dialog

Hi there,
just set up a new NC instance.

somehow, ALL users can see each users mail adress via the contact list.

The “personal details” dialog is totally misleading, is clearly tells the user
“for password-recovery and notifications”

The user has absolutely no reason to believe that his email is shared with other users.

Where can i turn this off?
The contact list is great for using the TALK app but there is absolutely no reason to exploit my users data to each other…

Greetings Matt
Nextcloud version (15.0.5):
Operating system and version (Ubuntu 18.04.2):

This could be set by the user in the settings dialog.

hi there, thanks for replying!

users will not go there.
most are 40+yo and have no intention playing around with the cloud. They just want their files. They do not expect their mail adress to be exploited to other users.

How to set the default to private?

Greetings and Thank you

I answer maybe too late, but if someone is searching response, it can help anyway !

You can hide users by creating groups. After that, In the sharing settings in the admin section you can disable the autocompletion or limit it to groups a user is part of. (source)

Now, only users in same group can see themselves.

I hope it’s helpful !

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