All shares are not accessable for one user

I have an interessing problem.
The admin user shares some folders to all the users.
After updating to 24.0.7 (I don’t know if it is relateted to) all shared folders are not accessable for only one of my users.
This user can see the shared folders here
But if the user clicks on it the files app navigates away to the root folder.
The recommendation plugins shows files from this shared folders, too. But an access is not possible.
This user can’t access with webapp and andoid app but with the nextcloud desktop client it works.
Any ideas what I can check?
Thank you guys!

Any ideas what I could check?

Solved it myself.
Found in the logs with logleve 0 a file popped up on every access try.
Deleted this file, did a rescan and now it works again! :slight_smile:

Heya Jakob,

I have exactly the same issue. But for more than 1 user. Also happend on the update to 24.0.7. I’ve tried already setting my loglevel to 0, but there is way to much stuff distracting me.

Do you maybe remember how the log entry looked like?

Best Regards and Thanks in advance!!

This problem is fixed with 24.0.8

Does 24.0.8 is released already in stable channel? Cannot find it. Should I wait until version 25.0.2 is officially released to update from 24.0.7? Thanks bud!

yeah, 24.0.8 and 25.0.2 should be fine.

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