All ports used, how to change them

All the ports (8443, 80, 8080) are already taken up by other programs. I tried modifying the ports in the installation script but it gave an error about it not being able to connect to the other ports (because I changed them) and led me to a cryptic guide (all-in-one/ at main · nextcloud/all-in-one · GitHub) to solve it. Is there a simple way I can modify the command or run a command to patch the changed ports?

Even if you change the ports, if your port 80 is in use you can not use Nextcloud without a reverse proxy.

Without a Proxy:

When you don’t have a proxy, it’s like having only one door to your server, and that door can only lead to one application. All the visitors (or web traffic) come through that door and reach only one destination, like a single-room apartment.

With a Proxy:

Now, imagine you install a proxy—it’s like hiring a friendly guide who knows your server inside out. Instead of everyone crowding through that one door, the proxy becomes the main entrance. When visitors arrive, the proxy greets them and asks where they want to go. Then, it personally escorts each visitor to the right room (or application) within your server.

So, with a proxy:

  • All visitors first come to the proxy (the main entrance).
  • The proxy then decides which application they want to visit.
  • It guides them to the correct application, whether it’s the first one or the second one, like a helpful tour guide showing visitors around a big building.

This way, even though you have only one entrance (port 80), you can host multiple applications on your server, thanks to the proxy’s smart guidance.

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