All notifications are NEW_NOTIFICATION

I’m using the Android app from the Play Store in German and every single notification I get has the title NEW_NOTIFICATION and the description NEW_NOTIFICATION.

It looks like notifications might miss proper localization or is this in any way intended?

You can try reporting this directly to the dev.

For more help here on the forum you are missing the required support template. Please fill this form out and edit into your post.

This will give us the technical info and logs needed to help you! Thanks.



same for me:

  • ( oneplus8pro android11 security update 2022-02-01 Oxygene build )
  • Nextcloud android app 3.19.1

To be honest, seing NEW_NOTIFICATION add more security as you need to log-in the app to check the notifications… so i guess it is good enough for me.

You can try reporting this directly to the dev.

I found out that it’s a common issue that has been reported there before. Looks like some people were able to fix it by reinstalling the app.

I did the same, after uninstalling the app, reinstalling it and logging in, I got my first notification with actual content. Thanks for pointing me to the Github repository.

Uninstalling does not always fix the problem. The github issue is here: Push: show real text instead of generic "new notification" · Issue #1964 · nextcloud/android · GitHub

2FA with confirmation on the phone is broken with this bug and I can’t login without the backup codes, as it just says “NEW_NOTIFICATION” but does not have the action to confirm…