All my files gone

I had my server with NextCloud. After a failure on the server, I had to reinstall the whole system and the NextCloud. Then, my desktop started to sync. Instead of upload the files to the server, server sent the order to empty my desktop files. All my files where gone. All of them.
Luckly, I had my laptop with all my files too, so I disconnected the server and restored my files on my desktop, from the laptop.
I write this to warn people not doing this… I guess the better way to do it if the server fails, is begining with an empty NextCloud folder on the desktop, then wait for the first sync, and then begin to copy the files from another folder to the nextcloud folder.

Puhhhh, great you have all your files. Better is to have the data directory outside the Nextcloud directory. In general is this best practice for me.

Backup … Backup … Backup

Nextcloud is no data backup. Nextcloud is a file sharing software.
Data syncing with nextcloud is no backup

Just starting to use NC, so thanks for this warning @asphixmx

@anon93002831 and @devnull: I was planning to use NC as a mirror of all files in a project, and just work directly with the files on local. Wouldn’t that work as long as I have good backup solution for local?
The server hosting service is backing up everything every night, but I might have an extra backup solution there also perhaps.

What backup solution do you find best in tandem with NC?

Yes that is ok. But some people use only local and nextcloud. If then there is deleted a file, with sync it it perhaps deleted also on the second site.

If your provider has got a backup service you can use it for your backup. You also can only backup local your data and if your server breaks you can update the data again. Also you can use backup for server and client.