All in one - log in credentials?

I’ve successfully installed the all-in-one beta on a fresh Debian server. Seems to have gone well and I get the Nextcloud AIO Login screen, but I’m baffled by the prompt “Log in using your Nextcloud AIO credentials. If you don’t have them you can also use the automatic login from your Nextcloud.”

I followed the instructions at, which were linked to in the Nextcloud announcement.

  1. Where do I get my Nextcloud AIO credentials? There didn’t seem to be any user creation step during the installation process.
  2. What does the phrase “you can also the automatic login from your Nextcloud” mean? It seems to imply that I could log on to the new AIO instance from an existing Nextcloud instance, but I don’t understand how I could do that (without credentials on the new AIO instance).

I realise it’s beta, but I’m keen to try it out, hence the installation on a fresh server.

Same here - read through the documentation but wasn’t able to find or define any credentials either. What are we missing here?

See here: Crash on first login · Issue #9 · nextcloud/all-in-one · GitHub

Should be fixed in next build

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