All Icons are the "Align Center" Icon

I initially thought that this was an ONLYOFFICE docker problem, but turns out, after completely removing all traces of the docker container and starting from scratch, the visual anomaly remained.

Do you want to request a feature or report a bug ?
bug but not really, just visually annoying

What is the current behavior?
I open a document from Nextcloud (Document only, not Spreadsheet nor Presentation) and all the icons are the “Align Center” icon.

If the current behavior is a bug, please provide the steps to reproduce and if possible a minimal demo of the problem.

I just installed the docker container. Created my first document and opened it. Everything looked great! I added some text then hit “Go to Documents” then opened the same document again. (Full disclosure, got a weird, this isn’t the latest revision, taking you there sounding notification. Document opened but no text.) I went back to the Files app in Nextcloud. Then navigated back to the document. Text shows up, but all the icons are the “Align Center” icon.

What is the expected behavior?
So appropriate icons for their individual functions.

Did this work in previous versions of DocumentServer?
Not a clue, first time use.

Host Info:
Ubuntu 16.04
Nextcloud 13.0.6

Supporting Documentation:

What I’m asking for:
I completely removed the ONLYOFFICE Nextcloud app. When I reinstalled it, it already knew my ONLYOFFICE URL.


How do I remove the data that Nextcloud thinks it knows about the ONLYOFFICE app? Where is this data stored so I can remove it!?

Thanks for all your help.


And I should have known better, but it was being caused by ModPagespeed being set to on. Just added to the section of my apache2 configuration file:
ModPagespeed off

And now everything works!! Hooray beer.