All files are locked, but not a single lock in the Database

Since manual upgrade to v13.0, I have two problems. First is Passman that stopped working completely. I think it now requires PHP-7.1, which is not available yet for Ubuntu 16 LTS. I added an extra repository to upgrade all the packages to 7.1 but Passman is still not showing. I will keep working on this one.

The bigger problem is that now ALL files are said to be locked, but not a single of them is actually locked in the DB. IOS client / Mac OS client / Web client, no one can access any file and they all receive an error message saying the resource is locked.

Web Clients receive this :



Technical details

  • Remote Address:
  • Request ID: Uwu6QwcWOkOvYr9fE93t

IOS Clients show a big red banner saying :
WebDav Locked: The resource that is being accessed is locked.

The thing is, nothing is locked in the database. There is a procedure published many times about how to put nextcloud in maintenance mode and delete all lock records from the database manually. When I do that, the SQL command runs and says that 0 record have been modified. Also, with over 13000 files I have in my Nextcloud, most of them saved when running 12, most of them have never been accessed in anyway after my upgrade to v13.

Data are hosted on a FreeNAS server. They are mounted by NFS and NFS is squashing all file access to www-data. When on CLI, I can sudo to www-data and create / read files under the share. I can also use SFTP to go straight to the FreeNAS server and retrieve any file that Nextcloud says is locked.

Any idea why Nextcloud refuses to serve any file ?

Thanks for your help,

Hi again,

So Passman is fixed and I identified more details about the locking problem. It is strictly related to the USERID. Should I wish to access anything using that UserID, everything is locked. But once logged with that UserID, I can share a folder to another UserID and that second UserID is able to open and access everything while everything is still locked from the first one.

Any idea what is going on here ???


Really guys, no one has any clue about this one ???

I just updated to 13.0.1 using the web interface. Update went well but the problem is still there. Whatever I try to access from a Nextcloud Client, the client complains that the resource is locked and can not be accessed. I flushed all locks from the DB a few times without success. Cron is supposed to do it anyway…

I revoked all the credentials I used on my iPad (i have 2 factor authentication on, so I use app specific passwords). I also disabled the brute force protection because, according to some posts I found about older owncloud upgrades, that can be related.

Still, when I try to re-activate the Nextcloud IOS client, I receive an error message saying that the server can not be connected at this time. Error code is 423, so resource is locked. The path that is locked is the remote.php/webdav.

Web interface works for my other user, CloudAdmin, the admin account I created at install for Nextcloud. I can even share from the “locked” used to CloudAdmin and while the locked user can not open anything, CloudAdmin can open everything.

Also on the iPad, I successfully reconnected both the CardDav and CalDav from Nextcloud. Both are connected from the same UID and same app-specific password that refuse to work for the IOS client. This is more than annoying : Nextcloud as of now is not working at all because I can not send or receive any file to / from it.

The problem is that PHP is locked but for a single UID :
–Everything from Everywhere using another UID works
–CardDav / CalDav / Passman being hosted in the database, they work even from that problematic UID
–IOS Client, Desktop client, Web client accessing files with that locked ID receive a 423 error
–Files and folders can be shared from that locked UID to some other UIDs
–Shared files from that locked UID can be open by other UID

Should I do a complete re-install from scratch ? How to preserve my CalDav / CardDav / Passman data without backing up and restoring the problem at the same time ?
Should I create a new UID and move the data from my locked one to a new one ? How to do it ? I think I would move the files in the FreeNAS server hosting the data and forcing a full scan of the files after that. I already re-scanned all the files for that locked UID…

Any help on that one please ?


I’m facing a similar problem with one file and I see this in the web client

## Locked

### **Technical details**

* Remote Address: A.B.C.D
* Request ID: XXXX