All AD users able to authenticate and login to NextCloud

Hi All,

I have configured the LDAP plugin to allow users to log in to Nextcloud with their AD credentials. Up until now I thought it was working as expected, but we have now realized that anyone with a valid AD login is able to login to NextCloud even if they are not a member of the group (NextCloud Users) we specified in the LDAP settings. The “verify settings and count users” appears to work as expected as shown in an attached image. Testing a user under the login attributes provides expected results as well. Is there a setting I may have missed that would restrict users allowed to login?

Also, when a user that is not a member of NextCloud Users logs in a second time the login fails and we get an error that will eventually clear on its own and allow login again once we add them to the NextCloud Users group:
Error: Call to undefined method OCA\User_LDAP\User\OfflineUser::composeAndStoreDisplayName()

NextCloud Version: 13.0.0
LDAP user and group backend : 1.3.1