AIO with unifiedpush/nextpush

Does anyone have Nextcloud AIO running in combination with unifiedpush/nextpush?

As far as I understood, this would be the solution for getting push notifications on Android. Currently I have to open the Nextcloud App and check manually, if there are any new notifications.

Install NextcloudServices (Simply fetch Nextcloud notifications on devices without Google Play services)

I am trying to get this working to no avail. I have the UnifiedPush Provider app installed in Nextcloud AIO, however when using the NextPush app on Android, I get the NextPush was disconnected 5 times/NextPush is disconnected. I am testing with Element which sucessfully links with NextPush, I believe the issue is just with NextPush/UnifiedPush Provider

Did you follow the instructions on to prepare your Nextcloud-Setup so that App and Provider can communicate?

I had both working well together on a unofficial docker-compose based setup over I guess two years. Now after migration to the official AIO-setup I also received the 5 times disconnected messages.

Maybe I solved it with increasing the timeouts of the reverse proxy I use. Will see.

But I’m also not sure if the notifyPush container and NextPush might interfere in anyway … Notify-Container and UnifiedPush Provider-App: Interferance? · nextcloud/all-in-one · Discussion #3978 · GitHub

I did follow those instructions as best I could, using Nginx Proxy Manager. I ended up going with self-hosting and it worked like a charm

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Hehe, I’m the guy that answered you at #4 - Disconnecting - NextPush/nextpush-android -

So: Same here :wink:

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