AIO with OnlyOffice results in MIME type error

Hello! I recently setup Nextcloud via the AIO option. It has been working perfectly. I didn’t initially set it up with the office install as I wanted to try out OnlyOffice. I installed the “community document server” and “onlyoffice connector”. Whenever I try to open a office document in the web interface, I get an error stating OnlyOffice cannot be reached.
Upon inspecting the web console, I get the following error: “The resource from “https://(domain removed).com/apps/documentserver_community/web-apps/apps/api/documents/api.js” was blocked due to MIME type (“text/html”) mismatch (X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff)”. I Chromium, the error is slightly different, but essentially the same: “Refused to execute script from ‘https://(domain removed).com/apps/documentserver_community/web-apps/apps/api/documents/api.js’ because its MIME type (‘text/html’) is not executable, and strict MIME type checking is enabled”.
On a side note. If I go in to the OnlyOffice settings in Nextcloud and enable the connection to the test server instead of the local server, the OnlyOffice interfaces loads right up when I try to open an office document.
I’m not very experienced with backend server issues, but I’m very much willing to investigate. I was just hoping someone here may be able to point me in the right direction. I’ve tried to search around on Google and this forum, but couldn’t seem to find anything that exactly related. Apologies if I overlooked something obvious. Any help is greatly appreciated!

I would not recommend to use the community document server as it has many known problems.

Thanks for the quick reply! Without the community document server, I can’t use the OnlyOffice Nextcloud app, correct? I’m saying that based on the post linked below. Would my best option be to remove the community document server and onlyoffice apps, then just install the collabora office option that AIO provides?

Actually, I guess I could install my own OnlyOffice server then point the Nextcloud OnlyOffice app to that document server instead.

Yes, that would be the easiest option.

That should of course work as well.