AIO Upgrade Failed - No option to restore from backup in AIO Interface

I have created a Nextcloud server on Linode using the image in the marketplace there. So it was pretty much a fill out a few details and click go type of experience. For the most part it has just worked, so I’m afraid I’m quite naive as to how it all hangs together.

This morning I’m unable to log in or get any response. I have the automated backup and upgrade options enabled. However, looking at the AIO interface it seems last night’s upgrade failed.

 2023-12-01 04:15:30.897086+10
(1 row)

++ find /dev -maxdepth 1 -mindepth 1 -name dri
+ '[' -n '' ']'
+ set +x
Configuring Redis as session handler...
The last Nextcloud update failed.
Please restore from backup and try again!
If you do not have a backup in place, you can simply delete the update.failed file in the datadir which will allow the container to start again.

After some searching through the other posts on the forum, I’m led to believe I should see an option to do as directed in the log and restore from last night’s backup. However, I’m not seeing any option on the AIO screen to do so.

I’d really appreciate any guidance on how I can get the restore sorted and get back up and running again.


Hi, please run sudo docker stop nextcloud-aio-apache and reload the AIO interface. Afterwards you should be able to restore from backup using the AIO interface.

Thanks for your reply. Off now to work out how to get command line access to the linode. Appreicate your assistance.