AIO Solution, slow performance

Hi all,

I’ve been running NextCloud for a few years now, and just migrated to the AIO solution for better management and updates etc.

However, the AIO is giving me slow performance issues.
When navigating the web interface (i.e. just clicking between folders, or menus etc within the web interface) - every few minutes it will ‘stall’ and just display the grey spinning wheel trying to load for about 30 seconds. Once it has loaded, I get around 2 - 3 mins of snappy/normal speed while navigating, but then I have to wait another 30 seconds ish for it to load.

Has anyone else experienced this?
Downloads from the server are fine, and I’m receiving a constant 300Mbps, no issues there.
Uploads, however, seem to not go faster than 40 - 45Mbps (can achieve triple this via the non-docker solution).

I’m running the latest stable version of the AIO (1.5.0)
This is running on Ubuntu Server 22.04
Docker version 20.10.12

I’ve increased the specs of the server to double of my previous Nextcloud setup (4GB RAM), however it didn’t help. RAM and CPU usage are sitting low on the server.

I’m not sure if it’s related, but I am using an alternative path for my NextCloud Data directory. I have it mounted to a secondary HDD, which is an internal HDD on the same server.
If I look in Administration > System, it says my mount point is “/mnt/ncdata”, which is not correct. However it does correctly pick up the size and usage of the disk.

My thinking was Nextcloud might be getting confused about the Data Dir, taking a while before figuring out it’s not mounted there? But just a guess.

This is now resolved.

I ended up creating a fresh new VM, and instead of installing docker via the apt repo, I installed it via the following command:

curl -fsSL | sudo sh

This is the command listed in the AIO docs to install docker, so thought I’d give that a try, and the slow performance issue has now gone :smiley:

It does provide a slightly newer version of Docker, so… not sure what the specific issue was.

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