AIO: Issues with OnlyOffice


I would really like to use Nc-AIO. And everything is working great using the documentation.
But when I choose OnlyOffice in the setup and press “start containers” it is running into issues.
→ image

I am ending up with errors at the first start of OnlyOffice:

Which then is preventing Nextcloud and Apache from starting:


I also checked the mentioned logfile:
But the startup_log is empty and the startup_err is not very helpful.

When I disable OnlyOffice in the AIO-mastercontainer-web-Interface and restart, everything it’s working fine.

Nobody else seem to have that issue.
How can I debug this better or fix that issue?

(Collabora is also not working. I didn’t invest time to check that, since it is not my favorite and I don’t want to use it anyway)

Hello, I fear I am not really able to help here as the onlyoffice container should usually start up after a bit of time.

What are the server specs of your instance?

it is a V-SERVER Linux V80 From Strato. → V-Server mieten: mit Linux oder Windows | STRATO
16 vCores
3.000 GB SSD

With Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

I have a few other docker projects running on it and didn’t had this kind of issue (starting containers) till now.

I left it running for a while but the log “Waiting for connection…” just gets longer over time.

Hm… the specs indeed look good! So yeah, don’t know why the onlyoffice container fails on you. It is simply a clone of the official one so it should be able to start correctly like any other container…

Okay, I looked a little more and just got errors everywhere.

I looked for issues within the logs and thought about this:

So, I turned off a MongoDB container and also a PostgeSQL container which were running in other Docker projects each.

When both were shut down, I restarted the AIO-mastercontainer and it did work immediately.

I guess it has to do with some docker internal networking or the used ports by the AIO project.
Since I can’t really change such things in the NcAIO I guess I’ll have to leave it be for now. :confused:


I honestly don’t think so as every container should be able to use all ports. If not, something is up with your docker installation imo…

I reinstalled the whole system and now at least Collabora is working fine.
No chance using OnlyOffice. → I’ll stick with Collabora for now.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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