AIO - Face Recognition very slow


I am having issues to properly execute Face recognition App.


  • NextCloud AIO
  • Face recognition as Collaborative Container
  • Respberry PI 4B 8Go

After setting up Face Recognition Container and installed app, I enabled the app for my user with defaults.

It takes around 3 minutes between each “POST /detect HTTP/1.1” .

Unfortunately, there are no timetaken information, but it seems to me that they are not that long, few seconds at most(looked on the log spool and the logged call is here pretty fast accordingly with the computer clock) .

Imaginary container logs shows related calls that are also very fast.

I have change defaults (2048) to 1024x768 image size. with no luck. nothing changed in terms of speed.

In the past I have been using ncp for running nextcloud as docker and I have managed to build pdlib in order to install face reco (2-3 years back) on this very raspberry.
At that time as I recall, there was one image treated every 3 to 5 seconds. It took time to drive through all the library but it did it.

Not sure what I am doing wrong nor how I could investigate. Also I do not remember if there is some parallel option…

Thanks for your help