AIO: Don't remove ONLYOFFICE connector

AIO 23.0.4. no ONLYOFFICE selected. I have my own instance of ONLYOFFICE and deselect this option during installation AIO. After installation, I manually added the ONLYOFFICE integration app and successfully used this integration with my instance of OO. But after the server restarted, this app was automatically removed. I expected, that deselected options for OO mean “no OO container/service started”, but it shouldn’t mean “remove integration app”. Please, don’t remove this app after the restart.

Hi, why don’t you simply use the built-in onlyoffice instance?

It would be nice to use built-in OO, but unfortunately, I can’t set up it correctly :frowning: When I tried to open document with built-in OO it displays error, like 'Can’t open cross-… '.
UPDATE!!! I tried it again after AIO upgrade to 23.0.5. It’s worked correctly! Thank you.

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