AIO/Docker Performance issue via incognito browser

I am seeing noticeable performance issues in AIO/Docker when I access via an incognito browser session. Example timings:

  • url to login prompt: 5 secs
  • credentials to dashboard displayed: 17 - 20 seconds
    logout and repeat gives similar results.

In a normal browser window - 1st login is:

  • url to login prompt: c. 2 secs
  • credentials to dashboard displayed: c. 6 seconds
    logout and repeat give slightly faster results

I also have an older NC24 instance running in a docker nextcloud:fpm stack which does not exhibit this behaviour. Watching my haproxy log I see the nextcloud:fpm requests absolutely fly through and the AIO have lots of pauses/stutters - no error messages anywhere - the system works but it’s treacle.

This means that if a link to a file is shared - the recipient typically experiences a prolonged wait for the media player to load and be ready. From docker:fpm it’s near instant - incognito or not. I only noticed this when testing from outside my LAN - the uplink speed is not great at 20Mbps but docker:fpm on the same link is perfectly fine.

Has AIO fundamentally changed how caching to the browser works? Could it be session token related? Brute force is not enabled on any of my systems.

If I can’t resolve the issue I’ll have to revert to docker:fpm which I really don’t want to do given the myriad benefits AIO brings from a maintenance perspective.

I have now migrated any account required to be accessed from outside my network from AIO to nginx:fpm and the performance improvement is significant.

It’s a shame and although I guess it could be deep in my proxy (haproxy) setup I’m not going to struggle any more as I have a working solution.

For my (mainly internal) instance I’m staying on AIO because I like the architecture and management concept but I would dearly like to see an AIO built on NGINX:FPM rather than Apache. I’ve been using NC since v 15 or 16 and I recall switching from Apache to NGINX quite early on for both stability and performance reasons. I don’t want to get involved in a flame war regarding skills/merits but for me the choice is clear.