AGPL Licence – installation on separate Subdomain

Hey there!

I’m working on a SaaS-project for students. I’d like to offer my users the use of a nextcloud-instance without the need of an additional login so that they can share files with other users. Does this make Nextcloud a part of my service so that I would have to publish the source code of the whole web application? Even if Nextcloud was hosted on a separate subdomain?

I’d appreciate some clarification about the AGPL license :slight_smile:

If you use it in its own installation and don’t mix the code bases and make adaptions to nextcloud with it and use the SSO app and external user app or ldap integration you don’t have to.

If nothing of that works for you. You should be able to write your own authentication app and show the code for that but not the code for your whole project.

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Awesome, thank you! I think I will realize some functionalities as Nextcloud-App, which will be contributed to the community, of course. But knowing that I don’t have to publish the App itself is good to know.