Again: Nextcloud/Dav

Nextcloud doesn’t sync new pictures on my phone alone. But i can send the picture manually to my nextcloud server.
Also DavDroid don’t sync anything, but DavDroid can find my calenders but dont sync it.

Android 7
Nextcloud dev Android App 20180811
Nextcloud 13.0.5


If i go on Uploads and start a new scan, its starts to upload the new pictures.

that sounds like the jobs don’t get started (maybe because the phone got rebooted). Auto Upload jobs have their issues depending on the device/OEM and are known to not work properly when the app is installed on SD cards instead of the internal memory

Yes the jobs don’t start. It’s installed in the memory, i don’t use a SD card.

Can you check if excluding the Nextcloud App from battery optimizations is of any help? If DavDroid isn’t working either it seems to be a larger problem, not limited to an app but some OEM specific code or a configuration that leads to this behavior :frowning:

Other than that, the best thing you can do is reaching out to the developers via the issue tracker: while they might need some more details.