Again cron.php issue after update to 21.0.3

Cron.php not running properly after upgrade to NC 21.0.3

running my nextcloud on a synology since a long time and without issues. My crontab looks like this

*/5	*	*	*	*	root	sudo -u http /usr/local/bin/php73 -f /var/services/web/nextcloud/cron.php
ls -l /var/services/web/nextcloud/cron.php
-rw-r--r-- 1 http http 5122 Jul  5 10:39 /var/services/web/nextcloud/cron.php

running manually shows no output but also no error. Nextcloud gui still complains about the cron job not running since x days now.

Also there was no update to OS (php, mariadb etc…)

Any idea how to trace this? Looks like an upgrade issue to me

timestamp of the file and upgrade were same day and time :wink:

Info	updater	\OC\Updater::updateEnd: Update successful	


Same here, works for me again after (re)enabling memory caching. I found the following solution in the german support forums:

You might want to enable apc in the php.ini or by adding “–define apc.enable_cli=1” in the crontab. I did the latter and now it is working fine again:

sudo crontab -e -u www-data
*/5  *  *  *  * php -f /var/services/web/nextcloud/cron.php --define apc.enable_cli=1
0 6 * * * php -f /var/services/web/nextcloud/occ preview:pre-generate --define apc.enable_cli=1

For reference, the change is documented in the manual:

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Running crontab on my Synology has always been a problem. It was inconsistent to say the least. The easiest thing to do was setup a user defined script in task scheduler with sudo -u http php74 -f /volume1/web/nextcloud/cron.php I have it run every 5 minutes over 24 hr periods and problem solved. I used these 2 sites as a guide since I’m a relative newbie to all this stuff.