After update to 27.0.0: integrity check fail due to extra files - confirmation needed they may be safely removed

after upgrading to 27.0.0 from 26.0.3 the integrity check fails with a number of extra files:

- dist/
- dist/files_trashbin-files_trashbin.js.LICENSE.txt:
- dist/files_trashbin-files_trashbin.js:
- core/l10n/et_EE.json:
- core/l10n/et_EE.js:
- core/js/tests/specs/appsSpec.js:
- lib/public/WorkflowEngine/IEntityCompat.php:
- lib/public/WorkflowEngine/IOperationCompat.php:
- lib/private/Files/ObjectStore/NoopScanner.php:
- lib/private/Updater/ChangesResult.php:

I have no idea how these got there (the apps are in /config/www/nextcloud/apps), but if I understand some of the postings here correctly, extra files may be safely removed.

As I don’t know what these files are, I better ask someone how knows better.
If you do: is it safe to remove these files or may something break?

I think you can remove it, but why remove it? move it to an othe location and test it.