After update pico always shows 404 page

Hi, due to not finding the fime to update manually with the beta build i recently got the official update via appstore. However, after that none of the pages i create displays the index page, all show the page. I have tried several versions, i had justpico theme installed prior to the update, which didnt work back then, so now after the update i have themes default, default v0.9, and justpico and also the respecting templates and empty templates. However, what evert theme/template and its combinations i use, it always displays the 404 page of that folder.

Any idea what could be wrong there?

I also thought of doing a clean install of cms_pico but the themes stay there, is there a description of what to do to get a clean install?

How is it configured? To use the nices /sites url always? What webserver do you have?

I am running nc16.0.5 via ncp on my raspberry, so its an apache webserver. Currently it is configured to use the full url, as i was not able to get url rewriting going. However, it seems to use the from the folder, as changes in that file are showing up. Just the seems to be not read, they do appear in the menu thou…

Try creating a new website using Pico’s default theme and the sample_content template. Try the app’s full page URLs.

Did that already, without success

This is the error message i get in the nc logs:

Cannot retrieve value of undefined directive Core.AllowParseManyTags invoked on line 72 in file /var/www/nextcloud/apps/cms_pico/vendor/ezyang/htmlpurifier/library/HTMLPurifier/Lexer/DOMLex.php at /var/www/nextcloud/apps/cms_pico/vendor/ezyang/htmlpurifier/library/HTMLPurifier/Config.php#901

I had been able to narrow down my issue, i can create working pages now, but they need to be located in my root directory in nextcloud, initially i had set my pages up to be in a folder _sites/pagename this causes the issue. As soon as i use the suggested folder without changing, it just works

@PhrozenByte any idea on that?

Narrowed it down a bit more, i can create working sites inside a folder, as long as the folder name doesnt start with a _

Is this a known issue?

A _ describes a hidden page (or folder) in Pico (like content/ in the sample_pico template). All pages which have a path component (i.e. any folder in the path or the file name) starting with a _ are treated as hidden (i.e. inaccessible) pages.

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