After update from NC 14 -> 15 -> 16 a number of files failed integrity check

Dear All,

I have upgraded the NC from 14-16.0.5 tonight. The installation has triggered the following list of files that failed the integrity check but they are a part of the installation.


Technical information

The following list covers which files have failed the integrity check. Please read
the previous linked documentation to learn more about the errors and how to fix


  • core
      • app/appinfo/routes.php
      • app/appinfo/info.xml
      • app/package-lock.json
      • app/l10n/hr.json
      • app/l10n/en_GB.json
      • app/l10n/sq.js
      • app/l10n/vi.json
      • app/l10n/en_GB.js
      • app/l10n/es_CL.json
      • app/l10n/vi.js
      • app/l10n/ca.json
      • app/l10n/es_CR.js
      • app/l10n/eo.js
      • app/l10n/ko.js
      • app/l10n/es_MX.json
      • app/l10n/de_DE.json
      • app/l10n/pl.js
      • app/l10n/nb.js
      • app/l10n/eo.json
      • app/l10n/zh_CN.json
      • app/l10n/it.js
      • app/l10n/ru.js
      • app/l10n/he.js
      • app/l10n/sr.js
      • app/l10n/zh_TW.js
      • app/l10n/tr.js
      • app/l10n/nn_NO.json
      • app/l10n/el.js
      • app/l10n/hr.js
      • app/l10n/zh_CN.js
      • app/l10n/fr.js
      • app/l10n/ar.js
      • app/l10n/is.json
      • app/l10n/ka_GE.json
      • app/l10n/es.json
      • app/l10n/zh_TW.json
      • app/l10n/fr.json
      • app/l10n/ro.json
      • app/l10n/sv.js
      • app/l10n/mn.js
      • app/l10n/nl.json
      • app/l10n/hu.js
      • app/l10n/sk.json
      • app/l10n/sv.json
      • app/l10n/ko.json
      • app/l10n/is.js
      • app/l10n/sr.json
      • app/l10n/nl.js
      • app/l10n/es_419.json
      • app/l10n/de_DE.js
      • app/l10n/cs.json
      • app/l10n/el.json
      • app/l10n/gl.js
      • app/l10n/eu.js
      • app/l10n/tr.json
      • app/l10n/sk.js
      • app/l10n/fi.json
      • app/l10n/lv.json
      • app/l10n/nb.json
      • app/l10n/cs.js
      • app/l10n/de.js
      • app/l10n/eu.json
      • app/l10n/pt_BR.js
      • app/l10n/lt_LT.js
      • app/l10n/ar.json
      • app/l10n/lv.js
      • app/l10n/uk.json
      • app/l10n/es_AR.js
      • app/l10n/hu.json
      • app/l10n/ja.json
      • app/l10n/pl.json
      • app/l10n/fi.js
      • app/l10n/ro.js
      • app/l10n/mn.json
      • app/l10n/es_419.js
      • app/l10n/es.js
      • app/l10n/ka_GE.js
      • app/l10n/gl.json
      • app/l10n/sl.js
      • app/l10n/pt_PT.js
      • app/l10n/es_MX.js
      • app/l10n/uk.js
      • app/l10n/sl.json
      • app/l10n/lt_LT.json
      • app/l10n/sq.json
      • app/l10n/bg.json
      • app/l10n/he.json
      • app/l10n/nn_NO.js
      • app/l10n/pt_PT.json
      • app/l10n/ja.js
      • app/l10n/ru.json
      • app/l10n/da.js
      • app/l10n/de.json
      • app/l10n/ca.js
      • app/l10n/pt_BR.json
      • app/l10n/it.json
      • app/l10n/da.json
      • app/l10n/es_AR.json
      • app/l10n/bg.js
      • app/templates/ipwhitelist.php
      • app/tests/Settings/IPWhitelistTest.php
      • app/tests/Controller/IPWhitelistControllerTest.php
      • app/tests/js/IPWhitelistSpec.js
      • app/lib/Settings/IPWhitelist.php
      • app/lib/Controller/IPWhitelistController.php
      • app/js/bruteforcesettings.js
      • app/js/
      • app/
      • app/webpack.common.js
      • app/
      • app/
      • app/package.json

How can I rectify this?

Best regards,

For me it looks like app specifc files have been extracted and placed at a wrong position in the directory tree somehow. Usually apps are at least installed in the ./apps directory, followed by a sub-folder named like the app itself.
I would recommend to,

  1. identify to which app these files are most likely belong by checking the app/appinfo/info.xml file.
  2. move the relevant /app folder out of the Nextcloud document root directory, but be careful an existing /apps directory with all other apps mus reside in the tree.
  3. run the integrity check again.

Hello j-ed,
Thank you for your response.

I don’t quite understand your instruction.

I seem to have an extra directory /app in the nextcloud directory along with the /apps directory which contains all the apps. All the files in the /app directory trigger the failed integrity check as outlined in my first post.
N.B. this /app directory is not found in the the NC14 and NC15 installation when I checked my backups, only /apps is present there.

What I have done, I have moved the whole /app directory out of the Nextcloud root and the problem is gone.

Is this a sound solution? What does the /app directory contain and is it something new that came with the 16 version?

Thanks again for your help,

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In that app folder that you moved you have a folder called appinfo in that folder you have a file called info.xml

That file will tell you what app that folder comes from. It should be safe to remove as you did.

Hello SmallOne,

It points to bruteforcesettings.
There seems to be no problem with this application since moving the folder.

Can I consider this matter to be closed then?


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As I already wrote, it looks like app specific files have been extracted and placed at a wrong position in the directory tree somehow.


I understand now. All the files which were supposedly place in the wrong /app directory are also present in the /apps/bruteforcesettings.drcheim sociology
Thank you for your help with this.

Best regards,