After update -> 23.0.1: Following apps have been deactivated


after an update → 23.0.1 I get the hint that following apps have been deactivated
bruteforcesettings (incompatible), calendar (incompatible), mail (incompatible), rainloop (incompatible), spreed (incompatible).

But as far as I can tell, I can still access the calendar app 3.1.0, Rainloop 7.1.3 etc.
And these are not shown as disabled under APPS either. What is the explanation for this? Rainloop for example has version 7.1.3 and should be compatible with NC 23.0.1, doesn´t it?

However, when I log into Rainloop, I get a message that the domain (from the login emai-addresss) is not allowed. Has something been overwritten here during the update to NC 23.0.1?

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It depends how you update. If you use the CLI-updater, it automatically updates all the apps. If not, they are disabled and when you enable them again, they load the latest version from the appstore. You can check in the app store which versions of the app are available for each Nextcloud version.

Updates of apps should update code but preserve configurations (often in the database). In the app store, there are also links to the bug tracker of each app.


Thank you very much!

After logging into NC I was confronted with a page that said that a new NC version was available and that NC could be updated.

I then started the update from the web interface. AFTER this update, I was told that several apps had been disabled because they were supposedly incompatible with the new version of NC.

At the same time, however, these apps are displayed as activated in the app overview, which contradicts the above statement that they were deactivated due to incompatibility. So the question arises, why NC incorrectly states after the update to 23.0.1 that several apps have been deactivated?

In addition, it would be absolutely idiotic in my eyes to release an update for NC when it is known that such an important “core”-feature as the calendar will no longer work.

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The integrated calendar app is usually available for each new release. For other apps, this might not apply, especially community-maintained apps can take a couple of days or weeks after a new major release. Normally, in the admin-interface, it should show you which apps are not compatible with the new version before you upgrade.

The updater you started via GUI should update the apps as well. Not sure why it showed the errors. You can try to go through the logs to see if there were some temporary connection problems, or you could even revert to the old version from your backup and try to reproduce everything to write a bug report (GitHub - nextcloud/updater: The updater app to keep your Nextcloud up-to-date) or just be happy that it worked in the end of the day.