After unzip Http Error 500


I unzipped the files in my Web-Directory and start the index.php in my browser to install Nextcloud.
My Browser says HTTP Error 500, but why?
I tried the Versions: 18.0.0, 18.0.1 and 18.0.2.
I also tried the webinstaller, but it failed too.
I dont knwo whats the problem…I hope anyone can help me.

your backend (php or database) isn’t ready. most likely.

which how to did you follow?

Intall the correct software like apache2, php, mariadb …

See line “apt-get” for debian systems.

then check the apache logs in /var/logs/apache2 (?) for errors.

Iam hosting an webserverfrom an provider.
On the root directory is an normal website and works fine…only the nextcloud give me the error.

Iam hosting on strato.
I have 1 of 2 databse used, so 1 database i can use für nextcloud.

Ok. Do you really use this version for web install?

Yes, I also treid two versions below.

Perhaps error in the “index.php” file? Please compare unzipped index.php on local pc and on webspace.

I don’t see any differences. They have the same content.

did you open a ticket at strato to give you the logfiles of the web server?
or do you have access to them?

Perhaps you can test with a minimal php-script.


No, I dont have access to them, but i will make a ticket.

Php works fine. It is old (7.2) but you can use it.

Perhaps you can check the rights of the files and directorys.

I checked the rights, all rights are fine.

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Nice webbased one-file filemanager:


What can i do with this filemanager?

Hi, I tried the version 7.2 today, but it has the same problem.

I you only use FTP you can see, edit and copy the files in the webbrowser.
Perhaps you like to send mit an PM with the URL of the website.