After trusted_domain add, login and pass form not showing


I can’t acess my nextcloud thru local network, i received the message “edit trusted_domains”.
I use Debian 11 runing a VM with Debian 11 and Nextcloud, inside de VM and outside, it works normally, only over other machines in local network i get that problem.

When i add the nextcloud ip into config.php, the message disapear but now i have the login screen without login and pass forms.

I’m using :
Debian 11
Nextcloud 25.0.1
php 7.4 and just upgrade to 8.1

I did some tests, i have 2 physical machines, one have Win7 with VBOX runing debian 11 and nextcloud, it works normal, the second machine has debian 11 and VBOX runing another debian 11 with nextcloud, this one that i getting this issue. I have copy the vm from de debian physical to run in VM installed at Win7 and it works.

I don’t know if Debian 11 runing VirtualBox with Debian 11 is doing something, but now i’m trying to decide if i just remove VirtualBox or install Win7 to run VBox.

I export the VDI file from VirtualBox to VMWare and boot up with VMWare at Debian 11 machine, it works. What i’m missing at VirtualBox installation that don’t let other computers in the same local network to correctly access NextCloud.