After restore our server nextcloud deleted some local files from our users

Nextcloud version 13.0.4
Operating system and version Ubuntu 17.04)

Hi, good day, recently our server was compromised (day 1), we restored a snapshot from the previous day (day 0)…we expected that new files uploaded by the users would be upload again, but seems that the windows client is removing all the files created after day 1 from its local machine…

So files created after the day 1 was removed from the local machine and these don’t have backup in the cloud because we restored an snapshot…

is it an expected behaviour???..why the system remove files locally???

inside nextcloud client, under Action inside the tab sync protocol (sorry if these are not the names, I’m using it with spanish language) appears eliminated

hope you can give me a better idea about why nextcloud did that…thank you so much

Normally the restore of a backup should trigger a message on the client side asking the user what to do … did you follow all the restore steps?

yes, actually we restored a proxmox snapshot with the imagen from the previous day…should the client have shown a warning???

would be possible configure nextcloud for avoid removing data??? I know that it’s part about sync, but would be better than removed files were to some hidden folder and not deleted using the OS…I think that some sync softwares do it i this way…

thanks for the answer

Are you sure you did also do this step: " Also make sure to run the maintenance:data-fingerprint command afterwards, to ensure your sync clients can recover from the restored backup." if so, yes it should have worked.