After migration from owncloud to nextcloud - All Files will be updated on local clients


I did an upgrade from owncloud to nextcloud. Within this update I also changed the server in the internet.
So far ok - It worked (After some small issues like necessary “occ files:scan --all” and “occ files:cleanup”.
Now I can see all the former synced files in the webbrowser, can add files, delete files… Looks good.

But I installed the local macOS client and now he is syncing all files back from web server to local PC.
Not really a problem because I had just changed a few files.
Nevertheless I think thats a problem. The question is: How can I fix this issue?

And: The client mentioned he copied all local files to an “conflict file”. But I can see a file like that?

Many thanks in advance!

… really nobody an idea?

If some files weren’t indexed, the index was rebuild (partly), the client can’t keep track of this and treats these files like new files. They will be synced again. Normally it should not happen that you have to rebuild the file cache. And if there are some changes, it should only download the newly indexed files.

My point is: EVERY file will be synced again. That means probably I have a problem with all files in the cache.
But in that case I expected also problems when I’m using the web interface. But there I saw all files, I can open all files aso.

is it possible that you copied the files in the datadir to the new server and forgot to copy their timestamps with them? Sounds a bit like that, and in this case all clients will do a full resync.

Yes, I think thats part of the issue.
The new server was in the wrong timezone so the files had the wrong timestamp.

But to be fair: It’s not the best idea to use just a timestamp for the decision if the file must be synchronized.

How so? I fail to understand how you come to that conclusion.

I dont think that the timezone tricked you here. If you copy a file with creation time for Example:

1.1.2018 00:00

to you new server wich has another systemtime (because timezones) and you preserve the timestamp for example with rsync -t then guess what?
The Creationtime of the file on the new server will tell you: 1.1.2018 00:00

On your desktop, there is an entry for that file, that says exactly: 1.1.2018 00:00 -> no sync -> everything is in order.

But if you fail to preserve the timestamp, it will set the creationtime to the time you did the copy -> Syncclient sees: there is a “newer” fileversion on the serverside and syncs it.

Works as designed.

If you have times that differ too much, that could perhaps result in problems (and not only for Nextcloud). I don’t know exactly how the protocol works and if client and server more or less keep their own timestamps as reference. Such problems are sometimes hard to figure out, so I’m wondering if it is worth, creating a feature request on the client, that it compares the time with the server and sends a warning if the time is more than 5 minutes off.