After Installation on Debian 9.8 the Nextcloud Folders are Basically Empty

Hey there!

I had the last days time to look after a free cloud system and decided for Nextcloud.

After updating my Debian 7.x to Debian 9.8 and installing the Nextcloud software I checked the files and have only 2 folders ‘config’ and ‘data’: first with the file ‘config.php’ and the second folder with ‘nextcloud.log’.

I stuck… :wink:

I am not a Linux crack, so would be great if someone comes up with an idea or hint what went wrong.


I am a bit further now… If someone interrested: I will write the outcome here.

Next: After I reinstalled Nextcloud I have this screen:

An in the log is mentioned:

Looks like PHP error? Stuck again…

Any hints?

How did you install it? Are all the prereqs fulfilled? Does apache have all the necessary modules installed and loaded? Database installed and configured?
You can check all this in the admin manual here