After applying PR comments, is it the normal convention to request for re-review? + server frontend review request

Question in title.

And asking a reviewer to review for my first PR: Add cancel button for when user entry is being edited by JeaNugroho 路 Pull Request #38952 路 nextcloud/server 路 GitHub

It is fine to re-request. I think it鈥檚 not strictly needed because someone who commented on your PR will be subscribed to it anyway and see when you comment or push more commits.

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@ChristophWurst Okay, thanks for the information!

I鈥檓 also interested to work with this full-stack issue. Is there anyone that I can reach out to ask questions related to this issue or any other frontend/backend/full-stack questions to? I鈥檓 a frontend dev, and I need more help to understand how the backend and communications between the backend and frontend works. I notice that Nextcloud uses axios, but for this issue I think we can do it through the state (which I need to know how it works).

Cool to see you are following up on your contributions! I hope we can help you further.
The server repository is maintained by very busy people, so there are two things you could try:

  • Either you could try to formulate specific questions that we can try to answer, you can open a forum post about it and as you can see there are quite a few experienced developers reading along here who will answer if they know the answer. You could also try additionally asking your questions on the issue itself.
  • You could also consider starting in a repository like Text where the maintainers generally have more time to help you. The Server repository is a bit low in resources but the Text repository frequently offers to help in their good first issues