After App-Update to vers. 7.0.3 i get the Message: "For online work with forms, version 7.0 of ONLYOFFICE Docs is required" when i try to create a from (docxf)

Hello all ,
i just applied an app update for OnlyOffice connector to version 7.0.3.
My Nextcloud Version is: Nextcloud 22.2.2

The latest version shows that it is now possible to create forms.
(This is also discussed in the OnlyOffice blog) But when I select “Form template” in the menu and want to create a blank file, I get the following message: “For online work with forms, version 7.0 of ONLYOFFICE Docs is required”.

Nothing else happens. I don’t see the toolbar of OnlyOffcie anymore. Is it possible that this is a bug?

Thanks for any hint
Cheers Frank

Hey there,

We’re very interested by this feature but we are encountering the same issue.

Any update on why this is happening ?

Cheers !

“OO Forms” is a new feature of OnlyOffice-Docs 7.0… So yes, you need to install the actual version of OO to use it…

Hm sorry, new head here…

Just so i understand it right, you mean that the version we have on the app tab, labeled ONLYOFFICE 7.3.0, is not the correct version to use, even though the latest patchnote lists them as supported ? :thinking:

The app version 7.3 is the right one, but you also need the OO-Server 7.0 (Docker or another way of installation).

The php based “Community Document Server” is still using components from OnlyOffice 6.x and thus does not support the new Forms feature.

You need to install the full official Document Server, then it works fine.

Alright, noted, thanks for your answers !